Picturesque view of Altos De Chavon in La Romana, Dominican Republic
Altos de Chavón is a picturesque village in the Dominican Republic that is part of the bigger resort community of Casa de Campo. The village, which was founded in the 1970s, was designed to look and feel like a 16th century Mediterranean village, complete with small, winding alleys lined with gorgeous stone cottages and cobblestone walks. Visitors can browse artisan workshops, galleries, and boutiques situated in traditional-style structures. Altos de Chavón's amphitheater is one of its highlights, having hosted a number of great musicians and performers throughout the years.

Frank Sinatra singing at Alto De Chavon

The 5,000-seat amphitheater, inspired by the ancient Greek theater of Epidaurus, provides a one-of-a-kind and intimate concert experience. Altos de Chavón has a variety of dining and shopping options in addition to its cultural attractions. Delicious cuisine is available in a range of places, ranging from casual cafés to more sophisticated dining experiences.

The village also features a variety of high-end boutiques and stores, making it an excellent location for some retail therapy. Another must-see attraction in Altos de Chavón is St. Stanislaus Church.

Picturesque view of Altos de chavon

This lovely Roman Catholic church was erected in the 16th century in the usual Spanish colonial style. It has exquisite architectural aspects such as a bell tower and delicate stone carvings. Inside, the church is lavishly decorated with stained glass windows and elaborate ceiling frescoes. It is a popular location for weddings and other festivities, and both tourists and locals visit.

Altos De Chavon museum facade

Altos De Chavon museum exhibition

The Archaeological Regional Museum is a must-see for anybody interested in history and culture. This museum exhibits a collection of Taino antiquities, which belonged to an indigenous tribe who existed in the Caribbean before the advent of the Spanish. Exhibits displaying pottery, utensils, and other artefacts teach visitors about the Taino way of life, customs, and beliefs. The museum also features exhibits about the history of Altos de Chavón and the surrounding area, such as the village's founding and development, as well as agriculture and industry in the region.

Hill side view of Altos De Chavon

Altos de Chavón is a genuinely one-of-a-kind and stunning location with something for everyone. Its fascinating history and attractive atmosphere make it a must-see for anybody visiting the Dominican Republic. Altos de Chavón is the ideal destination for those looking for a gorgeous and culturally rich setting with a range of activities and attractions.