Anyone who enjoys outdoor activities should definitely visit the Dominican Republic, and Casa de Campo in particular boasts a tonne of tennis possibilities. There are a staggering 13 outdoor courts at the resort.

If you're new to tennis or want to improve your game, there are 25 different teachers on hand to help you improve your game, and the kids can join in the fun with some of the babysitting programmes that incorporate tennis time. Book a court and take lessons today!

You can go to the Pro Shop if you need to rent or borrow equipment, or if you just want to get some new gear or sportswear. The staff is pleasant and helpful, and they can recommend everything from racquets to visors. There are also ball boys and young pros available as fill-ins or hitting partners in the Pro Shop. Remember that the availability of these resources may differ based on who is staying at the resort.

The tennis facility offers several services at different rates. During the day, you can rent a court for $35 per hour. In the evening after 6:00 p.m., the rate for court rental increases to $45 per hour. Private lessons with the Tennis Director cost $125 per hour, while private lessons with a Tennis Pro are $65 per hour. Hitting Partner services are also available for $55 per hour. If you prefer a semi-private lesson with a Tennis Pro and a partner, the fee is $85 per hour. Group clinics, which require a minimum of three participants, are $35 per person per hour. Kids clinics, which also require a minimum of three children, are $25 per person per hour. The tennis facility also has a tennis ball machine available for use at a cost of $25. Racquet rentals are $15. Additionally, ball boys can be hired for RD$200 per hour, but payment must be made in cash. After a long day a the courts, be sure to stop by the spa and wellness center.

To find out more visit the website page of the Casa De Campo tennis center